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    Jasmine Best, Death in the South, fabric collage, 55" x 44", 2016

    Jasmine Best, You Would be Pretty, fabric collage, 27" x 18", 2017

    Jasmine Best is a Carolina based mixed media artist and designer who works with collage, digital painting, textile design, and animation.


    "Working from my individual past articulates both a better understanding of my own background as a Black Carolinian woman as well as creates a platform where others can find relatable connections from my work in their lives. I take the racial, southern, and domestic upbringing I, and past generations of woman in my family have had, and place it in a new context. I am creating a platform for discussion for black femininity in predominantly white spaces as well as creating a
    vehicle where my audience can make connections of representation, or lack there of, in their own youth and how that effected them."