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    Marit van Heumen, You can call it jewelry, 2017, porcelain plaster and silver, 105 x 105 cm, 128 x 50 cm, 108 x 40 cm

    Marit van Heuman was born in s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. In 2015, Marit graduated from the jewelry department of Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

    "In my art practice, I focus on exploring the relationship between the human body, objects, and the spaces surrounding it. I am interested in the automatic interpretations we make with objects. We try to give them a meaning by using the knowledge we have or have been taught. I take a step back from what we experience as conventional and question this. By making changes in our interaction with objects and spaces, and by making changes in their placement and proportion, I want to challenge the relationship between the human body, product and space. This mainly results in objects and mixed-media installations."

    "The placement of an object is connected to the function of an object. It is the place where it fulfills its function and contributes to its identity. What happens with the identity of an object when I change the connection between placement and object?

    The connected beads of the three objects I have made, give the suggestion of pieces of jewelry. They consist of the features of jewelry, but do not meet these because of the changes in placement and proportion. The objects don’t have a defined function, but do suggest this."

    Marit van Heumen