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    Joe Karlovec, Disembodied voices, 2018, latex, acrylic, caulking, paper, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, 38 x 20 x 15 inches

    Joe Karlovec, Lost direction to find my way, 2018, latex, acrylic, terra cloth, wood, caulking, 28 x 21  x 4 inches

    Joe Karlovec is an artist and exhibit designer currently based in Palm Beach, Florida. His work has been shown internationally, including exhibitions in Italy and South Korea just this year.  

    "I'm interested in the consciousness of the materials I use and finding ways to pull meaning out of their innate imperfections. Surface, substrate, and context frame the psyche of each object, developed through carefully constructed systems of visual abstraction. Each painting holds tension between dense physical surfaces and smooth graphic imagery. Spatial volumes and pictorial intensities both develop and dissolve the visual field. Sculptural forms emerge through impromptu manipulation of common studio items such as wood, fabric, foam, tape, and plastic. The more history an object has the more compelling I find it to be. Irregular forms of discarded materials reveal empathy for the humanness of their own existence, illuminating the precarious nature of the objects themselves. 


    There is a social memory of material objects that I find fascinating. Their inherent histories establish a visual language that is fluid and adaptable. The work is guided by direct physical experience. Remnants of one provide groundwork for another. Uncertainty exists in all things. Not every action needs to be planned, articulated, or resolved to have a relevant purpose. In working this way, I’ve realized that whether I’m in the studio or in the gallery, that to be lost means to be present. I believe that technique and process can only carry a work so far, but imperfections are intrinsically more compelling. Engaging in a raw, direct, impromptu, extemporaneous methodology of making presents a more vulnerable experience for looking, and at times, a few lucid moments too."

    Joe Karlovec