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    Juliet Furst is an artist, illustrator, and photographer living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her work is defined by found and created compositions made of lines, shapes, and patterns.



    "If my surroundings could be considered one large map, my work is about hundreds of small insets embedded within it. These are made through a constant and conscious recognition of found details: the lines that a building makes when its walls converge, the shrub patterning found wrapped around a hill, or the way two plastic straws fall in relation to each other on a square of pavement. Coming in close and inventing my own compositions out of these preexisting scenes—whether by painting or by photographing them—is endlessly exciting for me."

    Juliet Furst, Trecento Tilt and Shift, ink on paper, 2017

    Juliet Furst, Davanzati Tassles,  120mm black and white film, 2016